Stakes is an exploration of the word in its various forms: What are the stakes? How high are they? How do humans behave in high-stakes situations? What is the cost of that behavior? The word is used literally and figuratively throughout these poems, and sometimes not at all, with the content simply hinting at the subject. If you enjoy free verse poetry with the occasional rhyme on the personal, the political, and the pondering nature of life, this book is for you.

Praise for Stakes

A wide-ranging slate of interesting and timely topics are beautifully strung together in this book. Each poem feels fresh, like popping a lid off a new jar of jam. One thing that surprised me was the accessibility of religious themes throughout Part IV. As an atheist, I typically don’t resonate with these topics, but Caitlin offers a personal window into faith and philosophy that illuminates rather than alienates. A fun read and happy to say I came away from reading it with a long list of favorites!

– Rebecca Hare, Gustavus alumna 2014

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